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Oil & GAS Construction Material



This is The Place where your hunt for the most efficient and peak quality of Mechanical Products required ends. Viz: All types of pipes , be they seamless or welded, Flanges, Fasteners, Fittings – Tees and Elbows, Packing and Gaskets, Valves, etc. to name a few. Anywhere in the world, as and where required.

An All Inclusive range of electrical products are available with us viz: All types of required cables and wires, Cable Glands, Conduit Fittings, Explosion Proof Light Fittings, Cable Pulling Accessories, Earthing and Lightning Protection, etc. to mention a few.


All inclusive Range of Instrumentation Products Includes Seamless Tubes, Monel Tubes, Tube Fittings, Copper Tubes, Tee Fittings, Valves, Manifolds, Control Valve, Combustible Gas Analyzer Ind. XMTR, Flame Ind. XMTR, Flow Element-ORIFICE, Flow Elwment-ROTAMETER, Flow Ind, XMTR – D/P, Instrumentation and Control Bulks, Instrumentation Cables,  Level Gauge Magnetic, Level Ind. XMTR – GWR, Level Ind. XMTR – RADAR, Level Indication – METER, Level Safety Ind. XMTR – GWR, Manual Alarm Call Point, Pressure Diff. Ind. XMTR, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Ind., Pressure Indication – METER, Pressure Safety Ind., Pressure Safety Relief Valve, Shutdown Valve, Temperature Gauge, Temperature Ind., Toxic Gas Detector, etc. We can provide solutions.

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